Slay My Mom’s Ride for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Special



3M Scotchgard Pro-Series 200g Full Front Clip PPF (Full hood, fenders, bumper, head lights and mirror caps). PPF has a 10-year warranty for bubbling, peeling, and fading.

Rear Half Ceramic Coating of vehicle to protect the paint from fading and maintains a glossy finish. Ceramic coating has a 5-year warranty with a free boost yearly to refresh your coating.

3M Ceramic IR Tint for all sides and the rear window plus front windshield! 3M Ceramic IR tint is a limited lifetime warranty for bubbling, peeling, and fading.

***Must provide %50 deposit to schedule.

(Regular Prices: PPF $2000 | Ceramic coating $1250 | all sides + rear + windshield window tint $750 | TOTAL =$4000. NOW ONLY $3050 ! Save $950 )